恒耀平台测速老虎机 Abrasive floor and hand pads

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  • 恒耀平台测速老虎机 Abrasive floor and hand pads


恒耀平台测速老虎机 Abrasive floor and hand pads

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Parts of scrubber

Nonwoven abrasive floor and hand pads are manufactured using high quality polyester-based nonwoven web. A complete choice of 6 colours (in accordance with the international colour-coding system) varying by their degree of abrasiveness makes pads suitable for every floor cleaning and maintenance application. Pads of each colour have unique and optimal abrasive composition formula providing the highest performance for the required floor-cleaning task. Uniform web density and efficient distribution of abrasive particles ensure even wear of pads and durable product life.

Pads manufactured by Abrasive technologies LLC have the following advantages:

  • Optimal balance between price and quality.
  • Double-sided use and extended durability.
    * Efficient distribution of abrasive particles on both surfaces
    and within the pad structure guarantees 2 working surfaces
    and excellent performance throughout the working cycle
    of the pad.
  • Uniform and strongly bonded nonwoven web structure due to
    aerodynamic spreader.
  • High abrasion resistance (excellent abrasive properties
    throughout the entire production cycle).

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